other releases of this record :
1962 : LP Vogue LD 600-30 -France
1964 : LP Pye NPL 18094 -UK
1964 : LP Mocambo LP 40206 -Brazil
1964 : LP Vogue LD-600 -Canada
1966 : LP Vogue YX 8037 -Japan
1965 : LP Vogue VGL 7002 -South-Africa
1965 : LP Opus LV 25026 -Argentina 'Tous les garcons et les filles'
1965 : LP Vogue SVL 933.199 -Australia 'Francoise Hardy'
1965 : LP Vogue SVL 933-199 -New-Zealand
1966 : LP 4_Corners FCS-4208 -U.S.A. 'The Yeh-Yeh Girl From Paris'
1966 : LP Formosa FWK-FH -Taiwan 'Francoise Hardy - Vol.1'
1970 : LP Vogue VEL 2002 -South-Africa
2000 : CD BMG 7432 1 744332 -France

The Yeh-Yeh Girl From Paris

CD   #0172
Vogue 7432 1 264702

C'est a l'amour auquel je pense
Ca a rate
Il est parti un jour
Il est tout pour moi
J'ai jete mon coeur
J'suis d'accord
La fille avec toi
Le temps de l'amour
Oh oh cheri
On se plait
Ton meilleur ami
Tous les garcons et les filles

Cover text :
A young girl sings of youth and the young.
FRANCOISE HARDY, a student at the Sorbonne, unpretentious, pretty, natural and talented brings a special freshness to these wonderful songs.
To hear the melodies she composed for these songs is just to look at the tall, willowy Francoise. The lyrics are poems in which young loves speaks, and her interpretations of them have a very personal charme which distinguishes her from all others and have earned her the title of the "Yeh-Yeh Girl" - the teen favorite of record fans throughout the Continent.
Listen to these warm songs of the young, and Francoise is sure to leave her special mark upon you.
FRANCOISE HARDY - chanteuse - The springtime of youth!