The Best Of
Francoise Hardy

LP(2)   #0309
Marble_Arch MT 33

All Over The World (Dans le monde entier)
C'est le passe
Find Me A Boy (Tous les garcons et les filles)
However Much (Et meme)
I Wish It Were Me (J'aurais voulu)
It's Getting Late (Il se fait tard)
It's My Heart (Tu peux bien)
J'aurais voulu
Just Call And I'll Be There (Le temps des souvenirs)
L'amour s'en va
La maison ou j'ai grandi
Les petits garcons
On se quitte toujours
Only You Can Do It (Je veux qu'il revienne)
Quel mal y a-t-il a ca
Qui peut dire
Rendez-vous d'automne
Say It Now (Dis-lui non)
This Little Heart (Ce petit coeur)
Tous les garcons et les filles

Cover text :
The great talents in music all share that one distinctive feature, - immediate identification. It's a unique quality that is never really easy to assess, but which becomes an immediate link between those artists who have it and their public.
Francoise Hardy is one such artist that anyone hearing her voice, perhaps for the first time, is left in no doubts as to her appeal as a singer with a very personal message to impart. The fact that she does so, - both in English and in French, - and notches up very much the same successful results in both languages, - demonstrates just what a fine singer Francoise is.
So far as Britain is concerned, her talent has been in evidence for several years now and her rare but always welcome public appearances, coupled with albums such as this one, preserve in the best possible way her unique image. But then Francoise is much more than just a singer of good songs, for she manages to give to lyrics written by hosts of different writers a depth and meaning that may never have been envisaged, or even occured to their composers. That in itself is a pretty rare talent, but because Francoise is also a very attractive girl, the audible results are aided by visual ones. This double album ranges far and wide over the vocal magic that this young French girl possesses. It's a collection of songs embracing many different thoughts on romance and on life itself but, however varying the sentiments expressed, one great quality unites them into an expression of love that only one female voice possesses.
Ladies and Gentlemen, for your listening pleasure, the voice of Francoise Hardy.