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1966 : LP Vogue CLD 699.30 -France 'Francoise Hardy In English'
1966 : LP Vogue SVL 933.391 -Australia 'Francoise Hardy In English'
1966 : LP Phono_Vox LPV 219 -Australia 'Francoise Hardy sings in English'
1966 : LP Vogue VRL 3025 -UK 'Francoise Hardy Sings in English'
1966 : LP Vogue VGL 7014 -South-Africa
1966 : LP Vogue VF-47025 -Canada
1966 : LP Vogue SVS 014 -South-Africa 'Sings in English'
1966 : LP Vogue CLD 699-30 -Hong Kong 'Francoise Hardy In English'
1967 : LP Vogue SJET-8039 -Japan 'Francoise Hardy In English'
1967 : LP First_Record FL-1600 -Taiwan 'Francoise Hardy In English'
1967 : LP First_Record FL-S1600 -Taiwan 'Francoise Hardy In English'
1970 : LP Vogue VEL 2000 -South-Africa 'Francoise Hardy In English'
1966 : LP Vogue YX 8008 -Japan 'Francoise Hardy In English'
1980 : LP Vogue MMT 1045 -South-Africa 'Magic of Music - Francoise Hardy In English'

Francoise Hardy In English

LP   #0982
Vogue SVL 933 391

All Over The World (Dans le monde entier)
Another Place (La nuit est sur la ville)
Autumn Rendezvous (Rendez-vous d'automne)
However Much (Et meme)
It's Getting Late (Il se fait tard)
It's My Heart (Tu peux bien)
Just Call And I'll Be There (Le temps des souvenirs)
Only Friends (Ton meilleur ami)
Only You Can Do It (Je veux qu'il revienne)
Say It Now (Dis-lui non)
The Rose (Mon amie la rose)
This Little Heart (Ce petit coeur)

Cover text :
For men she is the ideal woman. For women she is the faithful reflection of their schoolgirl dreams. And for young people she champions the cause of poetry in its fight against soulless modernity.
She is Francoise Hardy, one of the most original and engaging girl singers to emerge from France since the war.
Francoise was born on January 17, 1944, in the 9th Arrondissement of Paris. A strict upbringing ensured that she devoted a large amount of time to her studies. She was a brilliant pupil, passing her two baccalaureats with honours and then going on to take a degree course in German.
In her spare time Francoise learned the guitar and began composing songs. When she was 18, she went to an audition armed with enough of her own songs to make an entire album. Jacques Wolfsohn, her present Artistic Director, who had heard her sing earlier at the Golf Drouot, a Paris beat club which has given many young singers their first chance, signed her up on the spot.
From that moment the life of Francoise Hardy was transformed. She abandoned her studies and embarked on a singing career. She was a success almost immediately, but it was the TV programme in which she sang her celebrated "Tous les garcons et les filles" which really saw her firmly established on the ladder of success.
That was in 1962, and since then not a year has passed without Francoise topping the hit parade of France, America and even Russia. Her recent big successes, "Autumn Rendez-vous", like her earlier hits, are songs of great quality with poetic and imaginative lyrics.
Francoise is very much a girl of the sixties. Slim, elegant in mini skirt or with Courreges trouser suit, she drives her Lancia at 120 mph and has rejuvenated the atmosphere of St.Germain des Pres.
Amiable, natural, cultured and amusing, Francoise Hardy is all of these. Add to this her unique talents as a songwriter and singer and it is easy to see why she has become France's top international girl singer, sought after by film producers all over the world.